Zero Gun Fatalities

92% of Americans want expanded background checks, 54% want a ban on assault weapons, and 54% want a ban on high capacity magazines. As a gun owner myself, I agree with the majority of the American people and support these measures. Over 30,000 Americans die every year from gun violence, including over 10,000 homicides. The time to act is now to address this public health crisis.

  • I support banning assault weapons.
  • I support banning gun sales to convicted domestic abusers.
  • I support banning gun sales to those on the no-fly list.
  • I support banning bump-fire stocks.
  • I support lifting CDC ban on research into gun violence.
  • I support mandatory universal background checks for all guns bought and sold.
  • I oppose rolling back restrictions and fees on silencers.
  • I oppose civilians having silencers.
  • I oppose concealed carry reciprocity (HR38).
  • I oppose the rollback of an Obama Administration directive allowing designated mental health providers to report names of mentally ill patients to the federal background check system.

In addition, I support and propose yearly training and qualification for civilians. No military or law enforcement professional carries a weapon unless they are trained and qualified, repeatedly. Like those whose job it is to protect us, we must train and qualify civilian gun owners once a year, through mandatory weapons safety courses and tactical range qualifications from certified organizations. The purchase and sale of ammunition and reload materials must require proof of that annual classroom training and range qualification.

I am also happy to announce our campaign has been given the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction.