Immigrants contribute to this country. We need to build bridges, not a wall. We need comprehensive immigration reform that provides pathways to citizenship. No human being is Illegal. I also stand firmly with DREAMers

The United States offers opportunities to not only current citizens but to many who choose to immigrate to start a better life. Our trickle-down economy also depends on the exploitation of undocumented workers to remain competitive. I support a work visa program that will document those who come to the United States to work and help keep the economy thriving and protect such workers from exploitation. Creating different visa types and working to document all immigrants under specific classifications create an easy tracking system to help track and keep records on those immigrants with visas. Immigration has proven to be beneficial in the past; therefore, we need to work together to create opportunities for immigrants to be documented workers and contribute to the American economy.

  • Enact a clean DREAMers act
  • Provide amnesty and reclaim lost capital lost due to underpayment and lack of benefits