Reinventing Politics

My name is Mitchell Vice and I am running for the United States Senate in the state of Utah.

Thomas Jefferson is attributed to having said, If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done. If we continue finding comfort with conventionality, we will again have what we’ve always had… no representation.

As a creative professional, I am dedicated to solving problems through critical and outside-the-box thinking. As a communications specialist, I am responsible for progress and getting things done. As members of the working class, my wife Angel and I are very empathetic to the every-day challenges faced by fellow Utahns when it comes to the economy, the environment, healthcare and inequality.

Although I am a political neophyte, I am not naive. I know the Senate race is MONUMENTAL! I began taking action over a year ago, campaigning, listening and learning. I continue to visit our counties, listening to Utah voters all across our state. Together we are creating the possibility of EVERY AMERICAN THRIVING.

I stand for people FIRST, and I stand for ALL families. I stand for labor, collective bargaining, livable wages. I stand for healthcare as a right and a social duty, not as a burden on business. I stand for equality. I stand for Utah and I stand for Utahns no matter your religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, status or gender identity. I’m fighting for you and your family! I stand for creative thinking and empowering Utahns to live a life they love and to replace conventionality with progress.

Convention is the enemy of progress. I invite you to join the winning team as we reinvent politics… I am Mitchell Vice and I am running against career politicians. I am running for you.